New Music Review…Coming Out Soon By Swagata Biswas “Waves”.

Let me start by saying, that I am not a professional critic of music. I am just, merely a human mortal who enjoys good music as much as any of you reading this today. And if you are reading this today, you are one of two things; you are either a Super-fan or ordinary listener who has a keen ear for good music. I am the latter and the former.

This song comes at a perfect time during our civilization in turmoil. No matter how difficult the seas may look, sail proud with your head held high as you will weather the storm. Like the first lyric of the song, “somedays are hard”. Then like a rogue wave, the song takes sail to your interpersonal thoughts like a riptide that reviles the calm sea, duck diving between your thoughts and your feelings. Harmonic guitar droplets fall from sky adding context to the intro.

With the lull sea comes the majestic hook of the choirs, as it lays out your path of enlightenment. One can only vision the crashing waves against the shoreline and the smell of the sea.

Before your epic ride comes to an end, your ears are transverse into the pocket of the guitar solo, peeling perfectly into point break. The beauty of the lyrics, its semantic content, convey its meaning along side the tempo of the melody.

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