Recap of Winter Namm 2020

Hello and Welcome back!

Our first interview is with Golden Age Project. It’s a wonderful company that provides this show with an amazing microphone. We get the load down of the their new microphone that will compare better then any other mic out there. Do give them a try before going to a large company.We meet the following segment (or the following fine folks) a few years back at NAMM. Since then we have always made it an effort to always visit their booth and continue to support the local business. They might not be the larges corporate company at NAMM, but they do punch through the market and make themselves present with some incredible craftsmanship with their products. I am talking about Romero’s Creation. Besides making the worlds best ukulele, They also have venture out and have made the incredible 6 string guitars. All their work is done by hand by the amazing Pepe Romero Jr. Oh, and if you are wondering who he has backing him up as an Artist and co-operator of the company, let me list it for you. First off, he has his Dad as artist relation highlighting his product. The master classic guitar player/ guitar god Pepe Romero Sir. And if that wasn’t enough, he also has Daniel Ho, master ukulele player/ ukulele god. I can’t say enough, how wonderful of relationship I have had with the Romero Creation team. They truly are what you expect from a family business. So enjoy the music provided by this hard working team. The next segment is with a small boutique guitar company that custom makes guitars out of Atlanta, Georgia. That is with Alsip Guitars, I meet the CEO Jake and the COO Shane, in which the interview is based out of with him for this segment, These guys and ladies, make some beautiful hand crafted guitars that are just priceless.The attention to detail is the up most important. Give then a visit if you are looking to have a guitar upgrade. Next we have an amazing guitar amplifier company that makes amp the way they were built back in the 40’s and 50’s. This technology has been around for years. But has been made popular again as Peter the owner and creator has brought it life for the world to see and hear. As a close friend and partner to the world famous Cesar Diaz, only the big’s amplifier/ guitar pedal builder for Stevie Ray Vaughan and Bob Dylan. A matter of fact Cesar was SRV’s guitar tech almost for his entire career as a musician. And that’s were Peter comes in, as Cesar tour the world with the greatest guitar player- Peter maned the amplifier store that Diaz operated. The birth of Homestead Amps came in 2014 when Peter McMahon decided it was time for a change. After 15 years of owning and operating Diaz Amplifiers, it was time to call it his own. Don’t get me wrong Cesar and Peter grew up together as young kids to grown adults.Lastly, we have a new boutique pedal company from Chile. That right, we continue our quest to travel the world and found an amazing guitar pedal company that makes a one stop shop. One guitar pedal that will double as your effects maker and your amplifier. Is it possible, Yes it is. You start to see more of this as companies learn how to fit things in smaller packages. DSM/ Humboldt Electronics have created a small footprint in the world of music. That’s right the worlds smalls Direct Line/ Amplifier that will connect to the house speakers (the PA system that you are playing at) and with incredible sound.Thank You to all that allow me to interview at Winter NAMM 2020, It was an incredible year and I was lucky to be able to interact with some the worlds greatest minds in music creation. As now we are facing difficult times, it’s unknown if we will ever be able to interact like we did that year. Please stay safe from my family to yours.

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