Stay Classy but Sound Like You Mean It!

On our latest podcast episode we interview Warren from the Mackie company at the Winter NAMM 2020.

This year’s Mackie premiered three major core elements to become more competitive in a very competitive market. The first was their SRM- V Class Speakers. Mackie calls it “Raw Power meets Beauty”. When they say Raw Power they aren’t kidding. I nearly blow-out my ear drums while attending the SRM demonstration.

The second foothold in the market is their new line of microphones. That’s right, Mackie has created a full circle service to the sound industry by introducing the latest and greatest toy. The three model showcased at NAMM will give you the ability to record at any level; from USB Condenser (EM-USB) for the internet streamers, podcasters, to a Large Diaphragm Condenser (EM-91C) for vocals to instruments and the Dynamic Microphone (EM-89D) for vocals to instruments but excels on stage performance.

Anchoring the release at Winter NAMM, is Mackie’s newest four level product bundles that make for a great stater kit or supplement to your existing rig. For content creators, performers, producers and studio users. As always, Mackie’s professional sound quality, rugged construction “build like-a-tank” and super reliable performance night after night out-preforms many of other brands.

As always, thank you for reading my blog site. Don’t forget to listen to the audio portion to the interview at Fretman’s Podcast. Subscribe to both the blog and podcast to receive the latest content.

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