The Man Changing the way you Listen to Radio

Christian James Hand (L) & Fretman (R)

With great honor and pleasure, the Fretman’s Podcast was very fortunate to have had the opportunity of interviewing the legendary Christian James Hand. That’s right; the man, the myth and the radio god.

If you wonder who this gentleman from across the pond is, look no further. I have the answer for you, Mr. Hand has worked in many rolls throughout his musical industry and in various positions. His latest ambitious, is taking the broadcasting radio waves world by firestorm. Let me tell you, he is not a newbie to the radio world. He falls under the nicely season category. You can catch this fiery hailstorm on 95.5 FM KLOS in Los Angeles every Monday at 9 in the morning with Frosty, Heidi and Frank’s show. But wait, there is more! You can follow him at a theater near you, that’s right! Mr. Hand also performers’ his art with a live audience, for the price less then a place similarly called Star-Walks.

Know you’re probably wondering what Mr. Hand does that nobody hasn’t done. Well, for starters you don’t have audio master records of some of the iconic musicians of this great world. That’s right, he does! Christian James Hand is sharing it with the world and he is breaking it down instrument by instrument. Highlighting the amazing musicians behind the making of these masterpieces of music. You might even have the chance of a lifetime to listen to what the music industry calls as “re-tard”.

By this point, if you’re still reading this and haven’t yet listen to the podcast episode (

Here it is! Another opportunity to enhance your ears and listen to good music. Want to learn how to listen to music, want to learn the history behind the making of the songs with Christian James Hand? Tune-in as he guides you through the web of layers and reaches deep into his bag of emotions that music possesses. Don’t be afraid to laugh, cry and to enjoy yourself as the journey unfolds on the emotional train. Yes, if your wondering, you will feel the hardships, the emotionalism that these great musicians endure to produce a song that is eating into their souls. If you though the music business was all sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, well it kind of is.

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