The Universe of Lia Paris

Listen to Episode #25 with the talented Singer, Songwriter, performer Lia Paris

L to R, Andrea from Dophix Pedals, Lia Paris and Fretman from Fretman’s Podcast

Dear Readers, what a journey we have traveled in the last twenty-five episodes. So far, we have traveled to Colombian, India, Germany, twice to Anaheim in the USA to NAMM (which is a melting pot of the world’s best musicians under one roof) and now we are in Brazil with the multi-talented artist Lia Paris.

First off, let me Thank a trusted friend for making the introduction. That would be the incredible Andrea from Dophix Handmade Guitar Effect Pedals from Italy. So, technically speaking I can add Italy to Fretman’s Podcast passport. Since our first meeting at Winter NAMM, we have stayed in touch, cheering each other’s hard work from across the ocean which stands between us. Every year we look forward in seeing each other and fire-chatting life, family and the band U2.

If your ears haven’t had the privilege to indulge on the music by Lia Paris, you might as well have missed the train. Do yourself a favor and YouTube what you have missed! That’s right! Wow! What an incredible artist that, not only pleasures your ears with sonic noise. But Lia does it with style, if your eyes can handle the multitude of active senses, continue to watch at your own risk! Lia incorporates audio, visual and stage performance, together adding a secret formula of Lia’s art that is once learned from living the circus life. Enhancing your sixth senses, Lia is a true performer at heart, her joy is transposed into her self-made stage wardrobe. Which that can bring up inter-emotions that one hasn’t felt recently in years.

With her latest album about to drop on February 22, 2020, you wait and wonder how she is going to transcend our inner-universe to a whole new realm.

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