Echoes and Silence by Roses and Cigarettes

The new Echoes and Silence Album by Roses and Cigarettes

Let me start by saying that I am not a professional critic of music albums. I am just, merely a human mortal who enjoys good music as much as any of you reading this today. And if you are reading this today, you are one of two things to the band Roses and Cigarettes; you are either a Super-fan or ordinary listener who has a keen ear for good music. I am the latter and the former.

A lot of people might think of music critic pensively listening to a album alone in a dark silent room and through, a state of the-art speakers…. and true, who wouldn’t. But that’s not the only way people listen to music, I like to try it out in real world (and not the MTV kind). Sort of, like a test drive, taking the new album to the street of Los Angeles, California. Putting it through the pace of picking up kids from school or simply riding the train home from work. I am specifically focused on the music and how it interacts with the background of our daily lives. And before you start to wonder-off why would anybody do such a horrible thing to a new album. Let me explain, music filters into our lives in a variety of ways. Ways that many of us don’t usually pay much attention too. But if a musical album could withstand my enduring test, an album like Echoes and Silence will withstand the test of time and will be a sought-after as one of rock and rolls greatest album ever produce.

With the highly anticipated album Echoes and Silence by the band Roses and Cigarettes coming out soon. Listeners will be brought back to that classic California sound, sort of a mix martini of Rock, Americana, Country and Pop. If Stevie Nicks and Dolly Parton had a daughter, her voice would be of Jenny Pagliaro. Jenny’s voice resonates as a perfect bend between melody and harmony. Absolutely crushing the chorus with her angel like sweet voice on “Whispers In The Wind (Stacie’s Song)”. As a husband to a beautiful wife (Happy Birthday Sweetheart) and father of three beautiful kids, this song struck a chord on me, with lyrics like “time moves fast, moments don’t last”. I think I just broke the man rule a little bit listening to this track. Backing Jenny on this ultimate quest to music domination is her gunslinger, sister from another mister Angela Petrilli. Angela fills in the voids with eye catching solo’s, killer riffs and a assortment of chords that make you want to air guitar. If you want to hear a bend between Mike Campbell and Jimmy Page, listen to “Bones on the Ground”. Sweet sweet music.

If you are a music lover or simply listen to good music. Do yourself a favor and purchase the new Roses and Cigarettes album Echoes and Silence.

I want to take a chance and highlight the rest of the band, collaborating musicians (Marc Broussard), engineers, producers and everyone that worked behind the scenes that sometimes get overlooked by the media masses. Without a strong backbone of support- these two wonderful ladies wouldn’t have an creditable album.

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