Pocket size Studio Quality Sound with the New Mackie CR-Buds Earphones


New Mackie CR-Buds High Performance Earphones with Mic & Control

Unboxing the Mackie CR-Buds earphone
Mackie CR-Buds Earphones footprint

Mackie release the new CR-Buds High Performance Earphones with Mic & Control at Winter 2019 NAMM Show. And they are at a class of their own. If you want Mackie Studio quality sound to go anywhere. Well, you’re in luck! They have arrived and they are phenomenal.

Mackie has two versions of the CR-Buds Earphones, they have CR-Buds and CR-Buds+ (Plus). The major difference between the two models are that the CR+ (Plus) are over the ear style and feature a multi useable controller that can also control your device’s volume. Both models, feature the play/ pause music control (may support additional functionality depending on your device you plug into). Also, the CR-Buds+ (Plus) have a 4 inch/ 101 mm longer cable length. The CR-Buds cable measure at 47 inches/ 1194 mm.

The studio sound quality of Mackie products have always achieved a superior quality. This quality continues into the smallest line of product ever built by Mackie. The bandwidth on both models are at: 20 Hz- 20 kHz. A Sensitivity of 95 dB/mW for the CR and 93 dB/mW for the plus. Both have a maximum input power of 2.5 mW, with different ohm impedance: CR with 16 ohms and plus with 8 ohms dual Dynamic Driver.

Overall, these earphones are a major upgrade to your stock earphones that come with your new cellphone or tablet. If you are in pursuit of studio quality sound you can not go wrong with Mackie’s CR-Buds Earphones. All sounds that are supposed to stay out are kept out, and all sounds that are meant for pleasurable enjoyment stay in. The above earphones were tested on Los Angeles RedLine Subway rides during peak hours for several days before this review. Do yourself a favor and seek the best in sound “Mackie CR-Buds Earphones”. Mackie CR- Buds Earphones Website

Mackie CR-Buds Plus & CR-Buds

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